Duff Charette Wins Season 3 DSPT Championship ($284,095)

Play has officially concluded here in the Season 3 DSPT Championship and at the end of play it is Duff Charette taking home the title! 
Charette takes home $284,095, the DSPT trophy, and an $1,100 seat into the $1,000,000 DSPT guarantee at Seminole Hard Rock in January.
Coming into the day it was Kristen Bicknell holding the chip lead, of which she managed to uphold throughout the duration of the day. 27 players returned to start the day, and after a flurry of eliminations it was Bicknell holding the chip lead heading into the final table. Season 3 DSPT Calgary Champion, Sam Ngai, was the first to hit the rail as he was eliminated in 9th place. Ngai was followed out the door shortly there after by Damian Minev in 8th, and Tosha Beaudry in 7th. Tom Lee came into the final table as the shortest stack, but managed to ladder all the way into 6th, eventually earning $57,420.
Five handed play would last for a while, as the chip lead was passed back and forth between the players, with Peter Chien eventually being the next casualty to fall. With Chien’s 5th place elimination, it was Kristen Bicknell regaining the chip lead for four-handed play. For Balram Bhandari there was more on the line than just the title, as he would need to finish in the top three in order to take home the Season 3 Player of the Year title. Bhandari watched in anticipation as Tyler Bonkowski called all in holding 7♠7♥ against the 4♣4♦ of Bicknell. Unfortunately for Bonkowski, Bicknell would flop a set and eliminate him from play. The elimination locked up the player of the year title for Bhandari, and left him in a great spot for three handed play.
Duff Charette was the smallest of the three stacks when play continued, but would chip up in a number of small pots. Eventually it was Charette winning a flip to double through Bicknell and cripple her. The next hand Charette would take the last of Bicknell’s chips, eliminating her in third place for $128,425.
Heading into heads up play Bhandari held the chip lead, as he sat with 13,000,000 opposed to Charette’s 8,000,000. Bhandari seemed to be pulling away as play started, but the tides would soon turn as a massive hand broke out between the two. Charette raises to 700,000 and Balram Bhandari moves all in covering Charette, who has 8,975,000. Charette calls.
Bhandari: A♥4♥
Charette: A♣Q♥
The dealer spreads a flop of 2♥5♥10♠ and Bhandari picks up both straight and flush draws. The turn brings the J♣ and Charette will need to fade the river to earn a massive double up.
The 2♦ completes the board and Charette’s rail erupts as he rakes in the pot and takes the chip lead.  The swing in momentum would provide to be too much for Bhandari overcome, and shortly there after would get in the last of his chips holding K♣6♠ against the A♣K♠ of Charette. The board would run out clean for Charette and he is your newest DSPT Champion, taking home $284,095!