Cody Fleming tops 451 entry field to take down DSPT Edmonton; Wins over $85,000!

Cody Fleming  topped a field of 451 players to win the DSPT Edmonton Main Event on Monday night at the Yellowhead Casino. Fleming was awarded $85,475 in prize money, a trophy, and the $3,000 DSPT Championship package after winning a final table that clocked in at just over five hours of play.

Cards got into the air at 1 p.m. between the final nine players, and shortly there after it was Jerome Makonen exiting in 9th. The fast pace would be a continuous trend at this final table, as the eliminations continued to come in flurries. Following Mokenen in 9th it was Kris Klimosko exiting in 8th and Aaron Haw in 7th. Ramesh Puradchithasan was the next out the door in sixth, and Cody Fleming headed into five handed play with a massive chip lead, after a big hand that resulted in him doubling thru Jerry Tria.

Five handed play wouldn’t last too long, as beginning of the day chip leader, Jerry Tria, was eliminated when his top pair ran into the trips of Paul Sokoloff. Four handed play saw the momentum begin to shift in favor of Paul Griffin, as the short stack starting closing the gap between himself and Fleming. Eventually it was Issa Moustapha falling in fourth when he moved all in holding two fours, and ran into the jacks of Fleming.

Before the start of three-handed play, the players discussed a potential chop, but it was eventually turned down by Cody Fleming who held a massive chip lead at the time. Paul Sokoloff would draw first blood as he doubled thru Fleming, winning a flip when his A5 improved to a flush against the 22 of Fleming. Pace of play would take a dramatic hault as the three exchanged chips back and forth for a few orbits with preflop raises. Sokoloff ended up running his sevens into the kings of Fleming, and Sokoloff hit the rail in 3rd place.

Sokoloff’s bustout propelled Fleming into heads up play with nearly a 5-1 chip lead, but the tournament was far from over. Peter Griffin continued to fight back, nearly taking over the chip lead, but the constant pressure of Fleming was too much for Griffin to overcome. On the final hand Fleming called the all in of Griffin holding A7, but a huge dog to Griffin’s AK. Fleming flopped two diamonds, and rivered a third to improve to a flush. He jumped into the arms of his rail as they all celebrated and Cody Fleming is your newest DSPT Champion!